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Nature/Wildlife Photographer

  Being located in Central Florida gives me the opportunity to travel and work throughout the state easily enough. With the many state and local parks in Florida, there is never a shortage of places to visit. The abundance of wildlife, natural settings and of course the great weather conditions, all lend to my appetite for photography.

 Back in the late 80's I took a Vocational Course in Black & White Photography and Composition. It was only for a couple of months and soon forgotten, as life had other plans for me in those days. Fast-forward twenty something years and I find myself again behind a camera. Through trial and error, and yes, some YouTube videos, I've reached a level I feel confident with. So I present to you this small and humble collection of my work. It is my hope that each one of you finds at least one image that speaks to you. And if not, then please visit again in the future. For I will continue to add new, and hopefully appreciated, photographs as I am able.


Photographer: Keith Bennett

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